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Room Outline & Equipment List
(assuming the options have been installed)

As you approach the room you will be met by a Meeting Room Availability Wall Sign (MRAWS). This sign will be lit red or green to indicate the room’s availability.

Outside the door will be a Room Booking Panel (RBP) which displays the particulars of the meeting about to occur; such as the organiser’s name, the subject of the meeting, and the start & finish times of the meeting. The bookings for the remainder of the day will also be displayed.

Based upon the type of computer which you or your guests bring with you, you can select to either:

  • Present wirelessly by running the screen sharing application on a laptop, tablet, or phone connected to your Wi-Fi Network; or
  • Connecting the device using the multi-head presentation cable located within the Cable Caddy in the centre of your table.

Your room will include a 65” display at the front. This is linked into your new Crestron Flex Conferencing system. Below the display will be the Crestron Sound Bar with integrated conferencing camera. This will be used to capture the users movements and speech while outputting crisp, clean audio for all participants seated around the table.

Above the display you can include the optional assistive listening IR emitter to provide audio output for meeting participants with impaired hearing.

On your table will be a 10” Crestron control touch panel with a purpose-designed interface just for you. This touchpanel can provide you with control of functions such as:

  • Join and leave a scheduled meeting
  • Start and end a new meeting
  • Adjust the displayed layout whilst in a conference (if allowed by your conferencing platform)
  • Share the connected device as content with the conference
  • Locally present content from the connected device when not in a conference
  • Show or blank to camera image
  • Adjust or mute the loudspeaker audio

The proposed solution for the Medium Room
includes the following pieces of equipment

Base Solution

Manufacturer Description / Function Qty
NEC 65" Commercial Grade Display 1
Chief Large Wall Mounting Bracket 1
Chief Pull-out Accessory Slider for equipment behind the Wall Mounting Bracket 1
Creston Wall Mount UC (Unified Communications) Video Conferencing System for Microsoft Teams or Zoom 1
Creston Surface Mount HDMI over CatX Transmitter 1
Creston Surface Mount HDMI over CatX Receiver 1
Creston Table mounted Cable Caddy with no cables or power outlet 1
Creston Multi-head Presentation Cable (1.8 m) 1
Crestron HDMI Cable (1.8 m) 1

Solution Option

Manufacturer Description / Function Qty
Crestron AirMedia Wireless Presentation Gateway 1
Creston Kit - 7” Room Scheduling Touch Screen With Multi-Surface Mount Kit & Wall Mounted Room Availability Hallway Sign 1
Williams Sound Kit - Medium Infra-Red Assistive Listening 1

Room Layout & System

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