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What does a typical AV system cost?

Please refer to some of our Standard AV Solutions on our CitadelTech Home page. We have recently priced them up for you assuming they will be installed into a clean site with clear access.

We will need to visit you and carry out a site survey before we can provide a formal and accurate AV installation quote.

Are the installation costs included in the AV Solutions’ “From” price?


How long does it normally take to install an AV system?

We will need to assess each site before this can be confirmed; but if we assume there will be no access issues, nor any significant building works required, and you have selected one of our pre-designed AV Solutions, then the following time frames should be close.
• A small meeting room will take a day or two.
• A typical classroom for about 20-30 students will take 3-5 days.
• A standard floor or wall mounted digital sign will take about a half to a full day.
• A large and complex lecture theatre will take 2-4 weeks.

A quick call to our Sales department will provide with all you need to know to get started right now, 1800 667 888.

Or if you prefer, chat with us through the app at the bottom right of this page, or you could email us, or fill out an enquiry form instead on our CitadelTech Contact page.

How soon can a CitadelTech rep drop in for a site survey?
CitadelTech is an Australia wide company with staff in all states and territories. If the space you would like to talk to us about is located near one of our capital cities, then it’s very likely we could come by as early as the next business day.
Will CitadelTech sell me a basic low-cost AV conference system suitable for a small office/meeting room?

Absolutely, yes!

We can offer you an All in One or basic video conferencing system that will get you up and running in no time.

Can I move the furniture around in my meeting room?

The meeting room design process includes working out the best positions for microphones & speakers, for a clear line of sight to the display for your local attendees, and for the point of view of your conference camera so your remote attendees can see you clearly.

All of this is normally based around the position of your meeting room table in relation to the main display at the front, along with the number of seats and their positions around the table.

Ideally, the table will be fixed into position with the seating arrangement around the table remaining consistent between meetings.

But if you have a meeting room which needs to be rearranged for other purposes, or for different meeting types, then please let us know before we start the design process for your AV Solution. This way we can include the flexibility you require from the start to allow for room layout changes and retain the best video conferencing experience possible every time.

Does CitadelTech have a helpdesk and onsite technician to fix any of my problems?

We have a Help Desk that supports our clients on a 24/7 basis, and depending on your support plan, a technician can attend site within 4 hours.

Is acoustic treatment required for video conferencing?
It depends…

Some recent technologies are able to help reduce the adverse effects of echo if your meeting room doesn’t have too many hard surfaces.

However, as we have found that hard surfaces are the norm in most meeting rooms, and with echo cancellation technologies not able to allow for all possible room designs, we always recommend to our customers to include acoustic treatment as this is the best way to produce the clearest audio.

My boardroom currently has old and unusable equipment, can CitadelTech remove and install a new system that will work on our network?

Yes, we can certainly help with the decommissioning, removal, and recycling of old equipment.

Then we will complete your new installation using the latest equipment which our commissioning technicians will connect to your current network under the guidance of your IT Team.

If you do not have a regular IT Team, then our Design and Commissioning Teams, both of whom have a wide range of network experience, will work together and with you at the quoting stage to define the most cost efficient and reliable method to connect your new Boardroom AV System to your existing network.

Does CitadelTech provide warranty or support for the new equipment?

We provide Warranty and offer Support Plans on the equipment we supply and the services we provide.

Warranty: we offer two types of warranty for all installations and services.

  • First, is a manufacture warranty on the equipment which is pre-determined by the specified manufacturer.
  • Second, is a Citadel warranty of 12-month defect liability period.

CitadelTech Support Plans:

  • Our CT Support Plans assist clients to maximise the benefits of their technology solutions and manage and operate their AV and VC environments more efficiently. Our friendly team are experienced in a range of collaboration tools and technologies.
In what type of rooms can you install audio visual and video conference into?

Generally, we can install AV/VC into any space.

These are the most common space types, but we can install pretty much anywhere which has reasonable and safe access.

  • Boardrooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Lecture Theatres
  • Collaboration Spaces
  • Reception Area
  • Learning Spaces
  • Hallways and Corridors
  • Outdoor areas
Can I have a collaboration space which combines two or more rooms?

Yes, there are a variety of common multi-room configurations that our Design Team can show you.

If your multi-room requirements lie outside what’s typical, we will work with you to make any possible adjustments necessary to meet your custom needs.

We focus on gaining a strong understanding of our client’s requirements. The best way for us to do this, especially if you have a uniquely customised AV solution in mind, is to have one of our Business Development Managers and a Solution Architect visit you on site.

We’d love to help.
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