Installation & Commissioning

“Our meticulous and professional installation approach creates a system that our customers can rely on”

Our emphasis on quality and attention to detail, provides our customers with complete peace of mind. During the installation and commissioning process, our team sets the highest standards. Our team of qualified technicians are trained to deliver long-lasting and high-quality technologies. Our team of AV programmers and engineers ensure that all installed systems are simple to operate and expertly programmed for the user’s requirements. We are also able to offer off-site testing and preliminary setup to minimise disruptions to our customers and minimise complications.

When each installation is complete, a Citadel Integration Specialist undertakes a final inspection and completes a test plan on a room-by-room basis. Only when this has been completed, with no defects, is the test plan sent to the customer for their inspection/review. This approach helps minimise the hand-over bottleneck that can occur with rooms being presented with defects.

Our AV Solutions

BYOD System

A BYOD System provides users with a simple and quick solution to attend video conferences and meetings. A simple, easy to use and easy to support all in one system that delivers a smooth and enjoyable experience. For content sharing, users can bring their own devices to connect directly or wirelessly to the room system.

Conferencing Platforms

Microsoft Teams and Zoom certified solutions are an excellent communication and collaboration solution for any business. It brings simple and accessible video conferencing options to users to seamlessly meet the demand of hybrid meeting room environments. As a leading-edge technology, it is fast becoming the inspiration for future spaces of all shapes and sizes.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage can create an immersive environment for users to showcase their personalized digital content, touch kiosk, emergency broadcast and schedules. This can be implemented in all sectors and industries, specifically in the Education and Health sector; digital signage is used for way finding and communication messages to students, lectures, and health care professionals. Businesses can customize their own display options with the ease of accessing content control through a remotely managed service.

LED Video Walls

LED Video Walls is one of the most exciting and eye capturing technologies. LED technology showcases an immersive experience of an undeniably clear and high-definition picture and video. This solution can be easily customizable to suit each businesses environment. With an exciting new way to present content the way you want to. Engaging with customers through an interactive video wall opens the door to an endless room of creative display layout.

Other ways we can help you

Consulting & Design

Our thorough consultation and design process ensure a comprehensive understanding of our customers needs

Modern Audio Visual Integration

We work closely with our clients to refresh technology in existing sites and integrate AV into new sites

Concierge Services

Our expert concierge team can support clients on and off premises to ensure our clients outcomes are met.

Managed Services and Support

Our support services deliver peace of mind, certainty, and confidence for customers.


Our revolutionary mobile-based application provides instant remote support for customers.

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